Appreciation on Three Swiss Watches

Posted by Kip - November 25th, 2015

4AP Royal Oak PanoGraph, limited edition of 500

The AP RoyalOak PanoGraph launched elaborately for the limited edition of 500, which there are numerous Italian elements involving into it. It is such as the scale of a quarter on the dial borrows the three colors of Italian national flag as a decoration of the scale. It is considerably ingenious to choose rubber as its watch band, fitting in with Italy’s unique personality and taste perfectly which is also the first time for AP to use rubber since 2002 when making the RoyalOak PanoGraph of “city of sail”.

Patek Philippe Split Second Chronograph with functional aestheticism

The design of the dial interprets the functional aestheticism perfectly,which Geneva watchmakers go after,with simple style and appropriate decoration to guarantee the users to get the time accurately and immediately. Elongated leaf-shaped needle with luminescent paintcoat and platinum Breguet word blocks make it eminently easy to read. Elongated chronograph seconds and rhodanised stainless steel Rattrapante with instantaneous change of platinum minutes in thirty-minute cumulative timer and the white scale which is in sharp contrast to the black-setting dial ensure a clear reading of the timing function. What’s more, the color of the dial is not black as normal but the ink black in pure enamel.

Rolex yachtmaster replica wathces, as a type of classic Marin, possessing the durability, elegance and ideal proportions

It is extraordinarily differentiate both in polished three-dimensional numbers and dull-colored word circle inscribed to make owners to read the timing record of sixty minutes easier. The replica rolex watch which is matched with black surface for the first time forms a sharp contrast to the Chromalight luminous hand and the hour mark, as the luminous material glows with a bluish light for a long lasting so as to read easier both in the sunlight or the darkness. The Oyster Case of the Rolex Yacht-Master promises that the depth of water proof can be one hundred meters (which is about three hundred feet), thus it has been the model of the durability, elegance and ideal proportions.

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